It's all about this Criminal iPhone instant Digital Rolodex  

The Lozowski's personal experience, the below are being Text'd "REAL TIME" with an Ongoing Criminal Enterprise:

1.   Charter/Spectrum Communications - The Criminals can monitor all phone, TV & online activity including                    Banking, Stocks & Email.  Reports to their Ethics & Stock Holder emails only resulted in a West Coast Charter            Vice President saying - "If you don't like your Charter Service, get something different...." Anyone utilizing                  Charter as a Service Provider, is a complete Victim - Demand an investigation & start a Class Action for Billions.        FYI - To Investigators - The Spectrum Criminals can also interrupt our oversea calls & can trigger EAS Msgs.

Today's Organized Crime is as BIG as ever & Runs on iPhone Texts

​​​​​There is a National movement to have all Police Officers wear video body cameras (in case an Officer accidently beats up or murders someone, I guess).  The bigger problem is actually the Corrupt Police Officer, that is in real time iPhone Text communication with an Ongoing Criminal Enterprise, via an encrypted iPhone.  A new National Police policy, also backed up as a new Federal Crime, needs to be that any Police Officer on Duty, must do all communicating via a Service issued phone.  While the FBI is checking ID's at the Airport, is America becoming just a third world Organized Crime Zone with Corruption in every Law Enforcement Agency.....?   

It is painful to even think of speaking badly of our FBI, but this is so Criminal & Corrupt - That there is clearly something WRONG!

Every Criminal Scumbag & Corrupt Person (including LAW OFFICERS) are listed & you will see they all have iPhones.  Every Criminal Contact, anywhere in the World can be instantly contacted via iPhone TEXT for Criminal Support.  This is what the Criminals are using to:

Extort the Lozowski's out of their Tahoe Keys & Amargosa Valley Homes. 

From anyone as simple as the local lawn mowing business to start their motors, as soon as the Lozowski's walk out their Home, all the way up to White House Criminal Connections, that know instantly when the Lozowski's change their Spectrum TV Channel & can then connect to a National News/Financial/Sports Station.  There they can command the Show's Live Director to have the ON-Air Talent participate in Live Criminal Extortion Activities, via certain words & actions.  The monitoring & review of this iPhone activity/records along with FBI interviews would quickly expose this TV Network Criminal "NON" VIOLENT EXTORTION Participation.  

It looks like that nothing short of a complete take over of all Tahoe local Law & Government by the Federal Government will be required. 

Publishers - ​​Contact Joe about a seven figure advance

​(If you are not afraid of getting threatening phone calls, emails & your TV shut off, that is)

The Ongoing Tahoe Criminal Enterprise operates so openly & with complete, in your face Arrogance, it verifies that they own all Law Enforcement. With local Law, just a tool of the Ongoing Tahoe Criminal Enterprise, any serious Crime or Arson investigation is a complete disgrace to the Law.

​The Criminals & Law infestation is multigenerational​ ​to encompass this magnitude of Corruption, with relatives now in a position to control all new hiring (from the looks of many of the Violators, many could be interrelated).

I always wondered how those snibbling, dripping panty, little Poker Brats ever won a hand?

Hey FBI - Maybe EXPOSE it NOW, for all to see who's CORRUPT!

 Our President talks about Mexicans & Drugs, but NOT American Organized Crime?  Is the Wall just to stop Competition?      American Criminals just pay off our Border Agents & American Drugs all come in right on our Highways. 

There is also a Tour Helicopter involved - This copter Pilot flaps his blades over the Lozowski's home when they access their TV Channel Guide (How would they KNOW?) - The Barons could see how this might be most effective on average folks that the Ongoing Criminal Enterprise seeks to attack & control a Subject - Just more Federal Crimes & the FBI knows NOTHING & see's NOTHING) 

Why you are never going to win a Local/World Poker Tournament - You need to know.

Oh!, so much more.....

Whether the Spectrum Criminal activity is being done from inside Corrupt Employees or Service trucks with terminals connected to the Network, there must be a trail of this Criminal Access & Company Management is allowing this Corruption to continue.  It also means tremendous accumulating Civil & Criminal Liabilities.    

 Their TV/Phone/Internet service developed new consistent Service interruptions.

The next recourse will be Legal Action, including Criminal Prosecutions with the help of Charter records & Employee FBI polygraphs.

$100,000,000 for the Baron's Mental Anguish (once they find the right Attorney) Plus a great Class Action Suit would be:

Every Charter Customer would be awarded $1,000,000

 Just a taste of how all the above are being utilized & directed by an Ongoing Criminal Enterprise to participate in a Criminal Extortion of

The Lozowski's Tahoe

> Herein, you will now discover <

A revelation in the state of today's criminal arrogance & stupidity, yet astounding wide reach will leave any honest person spinning, making this a must read for all of America.

This easily could be happening to YOU - It's in your town, too.

Learn how it's done, to recognize & expose it.

The remarkable total corruption, starting at the FBI, all the way down to your local Gardner, will be hard to grasp & accept.  As foolish Americans we are told the

Police are honest & that the FBI crushed Organized Crime.​​

Get Ready & Hold ON.....

There MUST be some Honest FBI Agents left  -  Make TAHOE SAFE Again! 

>> How many Criminals does it take to Romance a chicken?  

Six - One to hold the chicken & five on their iPhones, asking for instructions.....

So, as you go, if you notice someone with a red shirt who wants you to know they are there & using their iPhone, but they really don't want to identify themselves, you might be a Target (or they are just waiting in line).

Once you experience Criminals following your Wife into even a Hospital, then paying the Workers inside for more Harassment, you start to realize that Criminals will do anything to each other, their Victims or a chicken. 

​Then, wait until your 90 year old Mother, recovering from the Hospital, is also Harassed - You will then understand what Criminal ScumBag really means (while Corrupt Police Harass you in the parking lot)  -  You may then even have a better description than ScumBag.....​ 

So, until you read Criminal Extortion, if it looks phony or suspicious - It could be.            The only thing worse than a ScumBag Criminal, is a crooked Lawman/Fireman                 (those we should love & respect).

With so many Criminals In Tahoe, I can see the FBI might be Afraid       Joe is looking for Publisher & X FBI Specialist as Co-Writer   Contact Me

One might think that any City Government that would allow such activity to continue, would be accumulating quite the Civil & Criminal Liability.

You Will Be Amazed WHO is in The iPhone Criminal Rolodex

Americans love Stories like the Sopranos, but that was an authentic look at American Criminals.  Wait till it happens to you & Sumbag American Criminals want something YOU have.

It's no longer Entertainment....

The Lozowski's have even identified at least two locations from where the Ongoing Criminal Enterprise has setup 24Hr zoom video surveillance cameras into the Baron's Home (They can even detect the Lozowski's movements within their Home, day or night with the curtains closed).  The Lozowski's can clearly see the transition of their neighborhood from a wonderful quiet place to a totally infested ongoing Criminal Enterprise Zone.  On the water side of their Home, the Lozowski's typically keep their Lake view curtains open, anytime they move within their home, there is instant Harassment activity of some kind in their view of the Lake.  This is all part of the instant iPhone notification of the Lozowski's leaving their home to about 25 Criminal vehicles on the City streets, 24Hrs in 3 salaried shifts, plus the Criminal controlled Law & Business vehicles.  The moment the Lozowski's pull out of their driveway, the NSA Tahoe area data gathering indicators for Encrypted iPhones should light up like a Christmas Tree.  

​​​​​​You may not be under Extortion for a 3 Million dollar home of 30 years, like the Barons, but if you are experiencing tremendous unexplainable bad things or unbelievable coincidences - You need this Book!​ 

2.   The Nevada Highway Patrol - One Officer always knows when the Lozowski's are in Carson City, Goldfield,               Beatty & Las Vegas.  Officers make Conspicuous U-Turns or phony Flashing light Traffic stops.

3.    Eldorado Sheriffs Department South Lake Tahoe - I tried reporting how Sheriffs know our movements &                stake us out to the Tahoe Anonomous Crime Tip line.  The next time we left Home, 2 Sheriff's cars pulled into        the CVS exatly as we walked out the door with Lights & Sirens, did nothing & left.

4.    South Lake Tahoe Police Department - Typically waiting at intersections or sharp turns that can't be missed.          Certain Officers are clearly in direct contact with the Criminal Organization.  When we try to leave our Tahoe          Keys Home, they will pull over a Criminal Scumbag vehicle, right in front of us & then do NOTHING...  

5.    ATT South Lake Tahoe Vans & One definite Liberty Utility Service Truck is also conspiring with Criminals.

6.    The California Highway Patrol (South Lake Tahoe, Bridgeport & Death Valley).  Phony Flashing Lights.

7.    Douglas County Sheriffs (State Line) - They park pointing their headlights in daytime at us when we try to                enter the DMV.  They always know when we are on the move.  The Criminals start Texting as soon as we                open our garage door.  I can always see every Officer looking at their iPhone, as they try to hide their faces.

8.    South Lake Tahoe School Buss Drivers & Maintenance - Participate in this Criminal Extortion.

​9.    Raley's South Lake Tahoe Store Employees - Participate in our Criminal Extortion, I have reported it.

​10.  Activity at the South Lake Tahoe Airport.  Listen for a loud Skylane or Tahoe Heli that the Criminal Extortion            Ring sends over the Baron's Home as they access their Charter TV channel guide.​

​11.  South Lake Tahoe Fire & Rescue - Felony misuse of City Equipment while communicating with & participating        in this Ongoing Multi-Million Dollar Criminal Extortion.  Phony flashing lights & sirens for no reason.

​12.  Local UPS & FedX trucks are also clearly communicating with the Ongoing Criminal Enterprise.

​13.  I have tried to Alert AOL - When I, let's say call my Mother on my Spectrum Phone & discuss a topic, within              minutes that same Topic will appear as a Headline Picture Story on the AOL Start page (A Corrupt Editor)

​14.  It is clear to us that some Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association (TKPOA) Employees are participating in &        are being used by the Ongoing Criminal Enterprise in our Extortion.  It is typical for a TKPOA Vehicle (Service          & Security) to park in wait with their headlights pointing at us in the daytime, as we try to return to our                    Home.  As soon as we pass they pull out.  We recently stopped such a TKPOA Vehicle to verify their ID.  They          refused & pulled away trying to run me over.  We reported to the TKPOA.  We then received a call from the            South Lake Tahoe Police admonishing us not to BOTHER any TKPOA Employees.  We then filed our version &        explained our fear for our SAFTEY - The South Lake Tahoe Police responded - Maybe Contact your BBB....    

Looking back, the Lozowski's have been harassed for years & did not really recognize it as such - But now it's all out Pure Criminal Extortion.

​Having no previous experience with Criminals, the Police or any such things.  The Lozowski's never had any reason to disparage or fear Law Enforcement, so they contacted the Sacramento FBI field office.  Who ever answered the phone, immediately hung-up, the moment South Lake Tahoe was mentioned.  Calling the FBI 800 Tip line, once again, as soon as we mentioned Lake Tahoe, they were transferred - But Offered nothing.

Joe then contacted the Tahoe City Police, as Joe took license plate photos of some of the obvious Criminals.  After a few days, Joe again contacted the City Police, but was assured you that these plates are 100% clean, but you can keep sending plates.  This Officer also indicated to be sure to update the CHIEF directly as to any further incidents.  This is the same CHIEF that the I contacted previously, who responded in email that he thought this nonsense was taken care of & that Officers were sent to the Lozowski's for support - None of which was true.  At this point being dumbfounded & starting to realize that WOW - Everyone is Corrupt, bought & paid for.

Why did the FBI stop investigating Organized Criminals in Lake Tahoe?

So - Maybe ask the FBI, why is "NON-VIOLENT" Extortion OK in Lake Tahoe?

​​Coming Soon!

Today's Criminal Empire structure is based on iPhones, vehicles, Corruption in Law, Government & Business along with an incredible number of low salaried Scumbags - All supported by these "Phone Managers" with a Criminal Telephone Rolodex, that would choke a horse.  These Criminal lists have every Scumbag, connected Business/Agency & dirty Law officer's iPhone number in the World, which they can almost instantly contact, making them appear very large & powerful.  There should be iPhone records that will lead directly to these "Phone Managers" - Plus that Pussy/Coward Pilot flying the Tour Helicopter over the Lozowski's home (This guy is clearly a weak link in those controlled by the Ongoing Criminal Enterprise) - The Lozowski's recently drove to the Airport to get a photo of this great Aviator.  Halfway there, a City Police car picked them up & Harassed them all the way (It was a shorter fat female officer with a bowl hair cut).  There was this big fat guy with pizza stains on his shirt, protecting him.  This Pilot is such a pussy & RAT Scumbag, that he will be first to spill completely all his contacts, his Tour company & half the Local Tahoe Airport.  

​It is amazing how many of the Salaried ScumBags are now women - Ranging in age from 18 to 80.  It must be sad when a Criminal comes home & the kids ask, what do you do Dad? - Well son, I am a backstabbing sneaky little Criminal coward prick that follows people around all day & you will be just like me.....